The Advantage Difference

The Liquid Advantage
Just the act of swallowing a pill comes as a chore to most, so the fact that liquid vitamins have multiple advantages over their capsule counterparts comes as welcome news! With a more stable and reliable potency, higher absorption rates, and an easy-for-all ingestion method, liquid vitamins and supplements are the perfect alternatives to traditional pills and capsules!  

The Bio-Advantage 

Every person's ability to effectively digest solid state vitamins varies greatly, as does each vitamin's potency and structure which can make them incredibly unreliable for effective dosing. Liquids are easily ingested by most and the chemical makeup of liquids means a more consistent and controlled delivery of nutrients. What you see on the bottle is what your body actually receives!

The Absorption Advantage

Liquid vitamins are naturally absorbed more quickly by the body which means less material wasted and a quicker, more dependable efficacy for all of our liquid products!



                 -POWERFUL RESULTS

Maximum potency with the greatest nutritional benefits.